Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Government of India (GoI) has partnered with Dehradun based, Social Development for Communities (SDC) Foundation as “Social Technology Partners” for plastic waste to fuel project.

CSIR-IIP has installed a plant for ensuring the scientific recycling of plastic waste into fuel. The plant has the capacity to convert 1000 Kgs of plastic waste into 800 liters of Diesel or 700 liters of Petrol. SDC Foundation is involved in creating and monitoring a comprehensive plastic waste supply chain for the purposes of plant.

SDC has come up with an innovative and community driven idea of setting ‘plastic banks’ across the city of Dehradun, make people aware and spur behavior change amongst the masses towards the sustainable plastic waste management. Till date, more than 1000 kgs of plastic waste has been collected and scientifically recycled via plastic banks.

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