In a first of its kind study, SDC Foundation conducted a plastic waste audit on the Maggi Points located on the winding road between Dehradun and Mussoorie. It found that more than a thousand instant noodle packets, PET bottles and other plastic waste were being generated at these Maggi points on a daily basis. The waste was then either dumped in the open or burnt, thereby polluting the soil and air on the hillside. This appalling waste management flies directly in the face of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) clause, in which a producer has to take responsibility for its product, once the product’s life cycle is completed.

The study was conducted over three days and surveyed 60-odd Maggi Points along the Doon-Mussoorie highway. SDC Foundation submitted the findings of the audit to Nestle India Pvt. Ltd as a result of which “Plastic Mukt Mussoorie” project was launched by Nestle and SDC Foundation together in May 2019 to execute a plastic waste management model for these Maggi points.

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