Tinsukia district in Assam is recently making the headlines for the wrong reason. 14 year old gas well, operated by Oil India Limited, recently exploded. The gas well has been blowing out since May 27 but it took a while for the mainstream media to report on it. Experts teams from Singapore have been called to manage the crisis and Union and state government has also form the special committees to probe the incident. In the meantime, as per Indian Express report, more than 1500 families have been evacuated from the region and two firemen lost their lives during the operation.

The Baghjan gas well is located very close to Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and the Maguri-Motapung wetland, a notified bird area.

We bring you some heart moving pictures from the ground zero clicked by Diganta Rajkhowa, a freelance photographer from Assam.

(Locals watching the flames and smoke of the explosion from a distance. Pic credits: Diganta Rajkhowa)

(An innocent girl standing the background of smoke-filled skies. Pic credits: Diganta Rajkhowa)

(The burning gas well in Tinsukia district, Assam. Pic credits: Diganta Rajkhowa)

(A local couple witnessing the blaze and smoke rising out of the explosion. Pic credits: Diganta Rajkhowa)

(Strong blaze, lighting the picture, caused due to the explosion. Pic credits: Diganta Rajkhowa)


All photographs copyright by Diganta Rajkhowa /2020. The use of photographs and contents without prior permission is not acceptable. (Email: digantarajkhowa@gmail.com)

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