Amidst the lockdown, the water quality of various rivers has been reported to be improved. Recently, the Central Pollution Control Board scientifically validated that the water quality of the river Ganga has improved. The board in its report clearly stated that the water quality of the entire river stretch from Uttarakhand to West Bengal has improved significantly, attaining a healthy bathing standard and becoming organically rich to support aquatic life.

Seeing this, Dehradun based Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology has decided to study the impact of lockdown on the water quality of Ganga, Yamuna and other important rivers. A team of hydrologists from Wadia will begin the inspection of all the important rivers in India, once the lockdown is lifted. The scientists at the Institute believe that due to lockdown there has been a direct impact on ecology which needs to be scientifically evaluated.

“Due to lockdown, there has been a massive and direct impact on environment. With a decrease in environmental pollution, water quality in rivers has also improved drastically. Along with Ganga and Yamuna few other rivers have reported a healthy improvement in their water quality status. But, all of it needs to be scientifically evaluated” said Dr. Kalachand Sai, Director, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology.

A team of hydrologists will be studying the before and after water quality status and other technical parameters of these rivers. Along with it, the institute has also been carrying exhaustive research on the impact of air pollution on the glaciers. Wadia Institute is also reported to be carrying out a study on coronavirus pandemic too. The institute has been known for its credible scientific research in the realm of environmental conservation and natural resource management.


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