On 14 June, India released its first climate change assessment report and the projections are certainly grim. This is the first-ever complete study on the local weather related changes in India. The report had put forth serious consequences for the country’s biodiversity, food, water and public health due to the rapid climate change process.

As per the report, the common temperature of India is projected to increase by 4.4 degree Celsius. Extreme warmness and humidity are also expected to grow as per the scientific projections made in the report.

As per the report, the frequency of the heat waves would be three to four times higher. The sea level is also projected to increase by 30 cm by the year 2100. The report also ascertains an increase in the incidents of cyclonic storms. The report also reveals that there will a significant decrease in Indo-Gangetic plains and Western ghats, two prominent natural habitats in India.

The report has been published by the Ministry of Earth Sciences and prepared by a team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.

Download full report here

(By: Dushyant Shekhar)

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