Various pre-emptive, proactive and graded measures have been taken by Government of India along with the States/UTs for the prevention, containment and management of COVID-19 in the country. These are being regularly reviewed and monitored at the highest level.

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has issued guidelines for cluster containment and outbreak containment. Technology-led initiatives for undertaking surveillance, monitoring quarantine facilities, tracking the health of suspected patients and their contacts placed under home quarantine, providing up-to-date information to citizens, making predictive analytics using Heat Maps, with real-time tracking of ambulances and disinfection services, virtual training to doctors & healthcare professionals and tele-counselling are being conducted across various Districts.

The Ministry has published an updated training resource material and video material for COVID-19 management. This is available at:

A Guidance Document on appropriate management of suspect/confirmed cases of COVID-19 has also been issued, which may be accessed at:

Three types of facilities shall be set up for various categories of COVID-19 cases as a mechanism for triaging and decisions making for identification of the appropriate COVID-19 dedicated facility for providing care to COVID-19 patients:

1.         COVID Care Center (CCC) :

  1. Mild or very mild cases or COVID suspect cases.
  2. Makeshift facilities. These may be set up in hostels, hotels, schools, stadiums, lodges etc., both public and private.
  3. If need be, existing quarantine facilities could also be converted into COVID Care Centres
  4. Necessarily be mapped to one or more Dedicated COVID Health Centres and at least one Dedicated COVID Hospital for referral purpose.

2.        Dedicated COVID Health Centre (DCHC):

  1. Shall offer care for all cases that have been clinically assigned as moderate
  2. These should either be a full hospital or a separate block in a hospital with preferably separate entry/exit/zoning.
  3. These hospitals would have beds with assured Oxygen support.

3.         Dedicated COVID Hospital (DCH):

  1. Shall offer comprehensive care primarily for those who have been clinically assigned as severe.
  2. Should either be a full hospital or a separate block in a hospital with preferably separate entry\exit.
  3. Fully equipped ICUs, Ventilators and beds with assured Oxygen support.

As of now, 4421 confirmed cases and 117 deaths have been reported. 326 persons have been cured/discharged after recovery.

(Source : PIB)

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