As per a rapid citizen survey by Dainik Jagran Inext and SDC Foundation, 72% of people are not wearing face masks properly in Dehradun. While 19% of the surveyed residents are not wearing masks at all. The survey covered 350 residents from the capital city.

The survey revealed that 67% of residents driving two-wheelers are not wearing masks properly. They are either keeping a face mask at the chin or hanging it around the neck. 71% of residents who were categorized as regular pedestrians also wore masks in an improper manner.

The survey also observed general store operators and vegetable vendors. Almost 19% of the general store vendors and 16% of the vegetable vendors were seen not wearing masks. Also, the customers visiting these grocery stores and vegetable shops were seen ignorant to wearing face masks. 76% of the residents visiting to grocery stores didn’t wear masks while 79% visiting vegetable vendors also didn’t wear a mask.

30% of the residents driving four-wheelers didn’t wear a mask. They didn’t feel the need to wear a mask while driving a car. Almost 67% of car drivers are not wearing a face mask properly.

So far, Dehradun Police has taken against 31855 people for not wearing face masks. Police authorities have ended up collecting Rs. 32 Lakhs. At a state level, Uttarakhand police has taken action against 1,05,544 individuals for not wearing face masks.

(By: Vidush Pandey)

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