With more than 6,500 deaths reported worldwide due to Coronavirus, Himalayan states in India are also coming under the radar. Most of the Himalayan states remain vulnerable as they share their international borders with other countries like Bhutan, Myanmar, China and Nepal. Out of all the states and union territories present in the Indian Himalayan Region, Jammu and Kashmir registered two cases and three cases from Ladakh. Uttarakhand is the first Himalayan state until now to register one coronavirus case. In total, 110 cases have been reported in India out of which 13 have been cured and 2 cases resulted in death.

2,157 people have been put on surveillance in the union territory of J&K. As per the media reports, 829 persons are under home quarantine and 29 persons are in hospital quarantine while 131 persons are under home surveillance. Sikkim has already banned the entry of foreign tourists in the state. Two other administrative bodies in North Sikkim have banned the entry of domestic tourists. Arunachal Pradesh, the state bordering China, has also banned the entry of all the foreign tourists. The state has deployed scanning facilities in railway stations, bus depots, state borders, airports and helipads. The first case of COVID-19 was reported from Uttarakhand on 15 March. An IFS trainee, who recently had a travel history to Spain, returned to Forest Research Institute (FRI) in Dehradun. FRI has been closed for all kinds of visits until 31 March.

Nagaland has conducted screening for 2008 persons on the airport and 110 people are under surveillance. Restriction of traders in different districts of the state has been imposed by the Government of Nagaland. The government has also made the installation of hand sanitizers at all public places compulsory. State of Assam has ordered a complete ban on operation of swimming pools, gyms, spas, cineplex, schools and colleges. Assam has ordered the closure of tourists to protected areas like sanctuaries, national parks etc. So far no case has been reported from the state. Till date, 1075 persons have been screened in Assam, 253 kept under observation at home and 11 suspected cases admitted to hospitals. Tests of samples taken from all 19 patients who had shown symptoms of coronavirus have been found negative.

Himachal has also ordered the closure of all the educational institutes in the state till 31 March. 593 people have been put on surveillance in the state. No case has been reported in the state of Mizoram as well. However, an interesting incident took place in the state. A mass prayer campaign was conducted by a group of churches in the state to contain the spread of coronavirus. So far the state of Tripura has not ordered the closure of educational institutes in the state, however, the media reports are claiming that the order regarding the same will be finalized soon. CM Biplab Dev has enforced the Epidemic Disease Act- 1987 in Tripura to make emergency services by doctors and medical staff mandatory if any outbreak of coronavirus arises. In Tripura, altogether 37 people were screened, all negative. In Manipur, the borders with Myanmar have been closed. The educational institutes have been closed till 31 March.


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