SDC Foundation’s interns have been a busy lot since they came in on December 13. Apart from conducting social audits on pertinent issues such as Solid Waste Management, Dehra Dun’s pollution levels, the city’s parks and toilets, the interns have been conducting field surveys for a better idea on how Dehra Dun should be. As a part of SDC’s Dehra Dun Blue Print exercise, the interns have successfully conducted 100 face-to-face interviews with the citizens of the city, and have covered more than 10 localities, such as Salawala, Nehru Colony, Kargi Chowk, Raipur, Gandhi Gram and Panditwari.

As a citizen-centric foundation and research-oriented think-tank, it’s our duty to talk about and raise the right issues; issues that concern the sustainability of the city and welfare of the people. We are focused on putting our efforts into documenting and compiling these valuable suggestions given by the citizens of Dehra Dun.

So thank you for cooperating with us. Keep supporting our work and team and watch this space for more!

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