SDC Foundation kicked the first waste and brand audit of the year 2020. The clean-up and brand audit was exercised in Vasant Vihar, Dehradun on 2nd Feb 2020. The brand audit gathered 20+ volunteers who managed to collect around 40 kilos of plastic waste. The foundation was joined by Tabdeel (A group comprising of students and faculty who work towards environment protection) and Vikalp (a green initiative by Siddhi Packaging based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand). These gathered plastic wastes belonged to ten plus brands some of which were Sunfeast Yippee, Lay’s, Amul, Motherdairy, Maggie, Parle-G, Kurkure, Haldiram’s & Cadbury Celebrations etc.

The plastic waste collected during the brand audit was categorised into three categories — branded waste, non-branded waste and non-woven plastic bags. Among the branded waste were 72 packets of namkeen, 66 packets of biscuits, 61 packets of chips, 50 packets of instant noodles,and around 80 milk pouches. According to Nautiyal, all this plastic waste was found in a 10 bigha area near Ashirward Enclave at Vasant Vihar, dumped in dustbins as well as on the ground. Around 27 kg of non-branded plastic waste was also collected by the auditors as well as 4.7 kg of non-woven plastic bags.

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