A joint initiative between CSIR-IIP, FSSAI, Food and Drugs Administration, Govt of Uttarakhand and SDC Foundation led to the launching of its first ever, Repurposed Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) Express.

As a part of the RUCO Express, retail outlets in Dehradun that use oil for frying would start consolidating their used cooking oil. It is with this concept in mind that we have today flagged off the RUCO Express with 300 litres of used cooking oil. This used cooking oil would be converted to bio diesel which can be used in our cars/scooters and generators.

As Community Clean Energy Partners, SDC Foundation’s role would be to spread awareness and facilitate the aggregation of used cooking oil. The Govt. of Uttarakhand would also be deeply involved in the awareness and supply chain process. Retail outlets would create RUCO Depots within their premises and would be compensated for their used materials.

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