The deteriorating air quality is becoming a critical challenge for cities and the nation as a whole. In a rapidly urbanizing global world, the communities are facing new environmental risks and health hazards. On 9 May 2018, #CleanAirCollective (A network of more than 45 organizations) organized a consultation workshop at India International Centre, New Delhi. Various environmental research think tanks, NGOs, academic institutions, independent researchers, data scientists, lawyers and media groups participated in the meet. SDC Foundation represented the Himalayan region in the meet.

Its good to see that organizations and individual citizens are coming together on board for fighting this major environmental problem. Such positive and fruitful discussions are a good way to discuss and critically analyze the policy decisions being taken by the government for the welfare of the public at large. Collectively, discussing on such important policy issue gives a holistic outlook and strengthens the policy documents which are drafted for enhancing the governance-related aspects of various issues, in this case its Air Pollution. We thank #CleanAirCollective for inviting SDC Foundation in this consultation meeting. Some of the important outcomes of this meet were:

1- Translating the draft of NCAP into the regional languages.
2- Initiating awareness drives and campaigns focussing on school children and their parents.
3- Making technical and data points related to air pollution more human-friendly.
4- Requesting the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India to involve urban local bodies too.
5- Holding regional and local level meetings for disseminating the information on NCAP.

Join us to keep our air clean and for building strong awareness around this entire issue of air pollution.

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