UEPPCB, Urban Emissions and SDC together organized a policy session titled “Clearing the Air with Data” in Dehradun today. Urban Emissions is an independent research organization working on different issues of air pollution in India. Dr. Sarath is the Founder of Urban Emissions. He completed his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering & Environmental Policy from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA in 2002. Dr. Sarath has been awarded many prestigious fellowships like TED Fellowship, NASA Earth Science Fellowship and IIASA Young Scientist Summer Program.

His expertise lies in data analysis and modeling of air pollution. He has developed various analytical tools for integrated assessment of air pollution for Indian as well as foreign cities. Dr. Sarath shared various data points on which the situation of air pollution can be evaluated for the city of Dehradun. He also suggested various practical solutions which can be adopted by the concerned government departments in combating the environmental issue of air pollution.

In all, it was a power-packed session with Dr. Sarath. His presentation focussed upon how tracking and analyzing data can be used creatively to come out with effective policy solutions for cities in curbing air pollution.

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