Dehradun based environmental action and advocacy group, SDC Foundation has designed a handbook for city leaders to combat the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the entire globe. The handbook is published in Hindi and serves as a broad framework for stakeholders of any city or town in India to address the social and public health challenges created by COVID crisis.

Handbook deals in-depth with Coronavirus and how it can be systemically tackled at a city or a ward level with the help of building local partnerships with a range of stakeholders like citizens, municipal authorities, civil society organizations, political leaders, district administration, state officials and others.

Handbook suggests a list of actionable items that can be taken at a community level to ensure that infection does not spread and a precautionary protocol could be established for keeping citizens healthy, infection-free and safe.

Handbook deals with the history of the Coronavirus, how to protect against it, common symptoms and a list of precautionary measures. The handbook is published in the Hindi language. Since the information related to COVID-19 is not static and is changing every second, any errors will not be attributable to the handbook or the Foundation in any way.

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