Smart Dehra: Issues Confronting Dehra Dun: 

Excellent two-day knowledge-sharing initiative jointly undertaken by Been There, Doon That founded by Lokesh Ohri and team along with the Architecture Dept. at DIT University, Dehra Dun. The program was held in the context of the recent declaration of Dehra Dun as one of chosen smart cities under the Smart Cities Mission of the Ministry of Urban Development. The seminar was built around the theme of some of the key issues confronting our beautiful city of Dehra Dun : town-planning, water bodies, waste-management and heritage/culture. Expert, passionate and knowledgeable speakers shared their experiences along with practical ideas. A walk to the Rispana River during the seminar was one of the major highlights. You might wonder, what’s next? Lokesh and team will consolidate the seminar findings and present actionable solutions. Goal is to engage like-minded people (like yourselves) who care about the city and state and wish to participate in the development of city-systems. Watch this space for further updates. Grateful that I was asked to be a part of the deliberations. Thank you for having me around.


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