PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Coronacrisis on 19 March 2020. Modi shared updates with the public and requested citizens to lend their support to the government in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Top ten key highlights from his address are as follows:

1- Let’s come together to execute ‘Janta Curfew’ – a curfew by people and for people- on Sunday (22 March) from 7 am to 9 pm. Requests citizens to spread information on Janta Curfew. Nobody should come out of homes on Sunday, except those who are dealing with emergency services.

2- ‘Sankalp’ and ‘Sainyam’ to be the guiding force in our fight against coronavirus.

3- In the coming weeks, avoid public interaction and avoid non-essential travel outside your homes. Everyone should work on socially isolating themselves with the external world.

4- Senior citizens above 60/65 years of age are advised to stay at homes strictly.

5- Few sections of our society are working 24×7. They are fighting Coronavirus and executing all their duties selflessly. They are “rashtra rakshaks” between the infection and Indians. Nation salutes all of them.

6- Sunday – 22 March at 5 pm for 5 minutes let’s thank people who followed the principle of  “Seva Parmo Dharma” – we and have executed their duties selflessly.

7- We all have to decrease the burden on our existing medical infrastructure. Avoid routine checkups and postpone your elective surgical appointments, if possible.

8- COVID-19 Economic Taskforce constituted under the chairmanship of the Finance Minister. It will evaluate the economic impact for all the sectors of society. The task force will be in touch with relevant stakeholders.

9- Let’s not horde unnecessary items. We will ensure the supply of all the essential items. Continue buying ration the same old and normal way we used to.

10- Let’s make the human race and India win against Coronavirus.

(Author is Lead – Public Policy and Communications at SDC Foundation. He tweets at @Writer_Rishabh)


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