PM Modi conducted his second address to the nation amidst the Coronavirus pandemic today. Nation to witness 21-day long lockdown. The decision is taken on the concept of social distancing shared by experts all over as a key strategy to fight the infection. Here are the top ten key highlights from PM Modi’s second address to the nation on the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

1- Every Indian participated in the implementation of Janta Curfew and made it successful. 

2- Some of the most developed and progressive nations have also been left helpless in front of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is spreading rapidly.

3- Social Distancing is for every individual, families and even for Prime Minister. Some people are not understanding and take it seriously. Taking it lightly can cause big damage to the nation, your family and friends.

4- From 12:00 AM tonight there will be a nationwide lockdown. To keep citizens and nation safe from Coronavirus. Complete restriction on the movement of individuals. States and UTs will be completely lockdown. This is a kind of curfew only.

5- There is an economic burden that the nation has to withstand due to nationwide lockdown. But, saving the lives of citizens is the biggest responsibility for me, state governments and local governments.

6- Nation to undergo a 21-day lockdown. It is imperative to break the chain of infection. If not followed, families will be destroyed. The nation will go back by 21 years.

7- WHO studies have revealed a disturbing pattern and trend of infection. It takes 67 days to reach the first one lakh people, the next 11 days to reach two lakh people and only the next four days to reach three lakh people.

8- It was only those nations where people remained in their houses for several days have been able to show some hope to contain the spread of COVID-19 infection. Staying at homes is the only option to beat Coronavirus.

9- We have to remain inside the “lakshman rekha”. Practice social distancing and break the chain of infection. “Jaan hai to jahan hai”.

10- The central government is working to strengthen the health infrastructure to fight this global pandemic. We are closely working with WHO specialists and other world experts. We have allocated 15000 cr to boost COVID-19 efforts.

(Author is the Lead – Public Policy and Communications at SDC Foundation. He tweets at Writer_Rishabh)

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