SDC Foundation believes in conducting in-depth and evidence-based research on issues of environmental policy and governance. Foundation has a vast experience in conducting primary and secondary research studies, preparing policy briefs, carrying out public perception surveys, impact assessment studies, neighborhood and data analysis. SDC adopts a citizen-centric approach while preparing its research framework. SDC’s research vertical is mentored by able domain experts. Foundation has partnered with various governmental and private bodies for conducting primary and secondary research studies.


SDC Foundation has a long experience in conceptualizing and delivering some of the most impactful social communication campaigns. SDC has been able to devise engaging communication strategies focused on empowering communities with the right set of information. Foundation creates ‘out of the box’ communication modules for a range of stakeholders working in the development sector. Information dissemination and knowledge sharing remains core objective of creating communication campaigns at SDC. Blogging, social media, podcasts, newsletters, website development, capacity building workshops are few tools that are leveraged by SDC in designing high octane social communication campaigns.


Being a civil society organization, SDC has always believed in creating positive action on the ground. Foundation has been an active social outfit at the grassroots and believes in delivering solutions for the community at large. Team at SDC has implemented several pilot projects centered around environmental conservation, urban governance and citizen engagement. SDC has always worked with the vision of bridging the gap between academic research and on-ground implementation. Reaching out every section of the society and to be able to create a holistic policy making process is what SDC aims to achieve through its implementation unit.

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